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(l-r) Troup Co-leader Tiffany Creager with Girl Scout Allison Brockhaus selling cookies at Kroger in Waynedale.
It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! You can buy them online or if you know a Girl Scout, you can support her sales when she comes to your door. And, you can even find Girl Scouts selling their cookies inside Waynedale’s Kroger Store or outside of Jefferson Pointe’s Walmart this year.

There are 12 varieties. A flavor for everybody, from the Classic Thin Mint, Carmel deLites, Samoas and Peanut Butter to the more modern cookies like S’mores, Lemonades and gluten-free Trios.

“It’s all for a good cause!” Allison Brockhaus, a student from Towles Montessori School, said as she was busy selling a variety of Girl Scout cookies on Sunday, January 14 at Kroger’s in Waynedale. “There are only 9 girls in my Troop #145, but we sell the most!” exclaimed Allison. “The cost is just $4/box. Most people like the S’mores.” She went on to explain that the newer cookie was gluten-free. “It’s a chocolate chip cookie with oatmeal.”

With 100 percent of the revenue from the cookie sales staying local, Girl Scouts like Allison can enjoy camping and purchasing gifts for a less fortunate family during Christmas. “It was fun! We were able to donate food, coats and cookies. We went door-to-door giving our cookies away during Christmas. People couldn’t believe it. There was one family with 17 people living in a house! They loved our gift.”

Also Troop #145 saves up for an occasional trip out of town. This past year their trip took them to Chicago where they enjoyed visiting the Shedd Aquarium along with a few other sights. These girls managed the entire trip on their own. They started in South Bend and rode the train taking them into Chicago to a hotel where they kept within their budget-when purchasing food and sightseeing. All from selling Girl Scout cookies!

Your Girl Scout cookie purchase is more than just a delicious treat-it’s an investment in girl power! Girls becoming future leaders and entrepreneurs.

For Troop #145, selling delicious cookies is fun, but serving the community is a blessing.
Tiffany Creager and Lisa Rabideau are the co-leaders for Troop #145.

Girl Scouts of the USA began over 100 years ago with the original G.I.R.L., Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low. On March 12, 1912 in Savannah, Georgia, she organized the very first Girl Scout troop.

To find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you, visit www.girlscoutcookies.org.

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