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A five-year tradition continued as information about the lives of 42 saints was shared by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School fourth graders. This month-long study of saints was spearheaded by teachers Sarah Darling and Katie Burchardt. The project involved students researching the lives of saints and then choosing one they wanted to write about and study more closely.

With their family’s help, students put together costumes and props. The end result was a wax museum production for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s student body, family and friends.

The day of the museum, fourth graders took their place throughout the school halls. Each spot was marked with a ‘start’ button. To hear about the life of the saint being portrayed, an audience member would drop change in a jar and press the button. The fourth grade saints would come alive and highlight some of what they had learned the past month.

All proceeds were donated to Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen. This year, $289.68 was collected.

“They practiced the week leading up to the wax museum with each other,” said Darling. “Students did a wonderful job, I was proud of them all.”

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