Harriett graduated from Elmhurst High School-Class of 1950.
We came to walk the halls once more,
Knowing ‘twould be the last
We thought of teenage hopes and dreams
In that now distant past.

Lifelong friendships were formed right here
As thru the years they grew.
We smile fondly to recall that
Romance oft blossomed too.

We remembered favorite teachers,
Those we considered best–
Passing time has taken its toll
With many laid to rest.

They taught lessons for the future
We listened, we laughed, we shared
They gave us knowledge of life ahead
That we be well prepared.

We reminisced, friends old and new
Discussed our most loved parts
Of sports and academics, too
Still held within our hearts.
One could not count the secrets that
Were whispered in these halls
Or recall completely what’s been
Embedded in these walls.

The building soon will be destroyed,
This structure will be gone
Fond memories though of sterner stuff
–and they shall linger on.

“Hail to old Elmhurst High” we sang
Our voices vibrant, strong.
Across the years, we strain to hear
The echoes of that song.

The Waynedale News Staff
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Harriet Monn Stennfeld

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