Camille Garrison and Dave Umber, Waynedale community leaders, have been selected as the winners of the 2017 Ernestine M. Raclin Community Leadership Award. They will receive a $1000 donation to the charity of their choice, the Globe of Leadership, a $1000 personal award and inclusion in an advertisement celebrating the winners.

Camille and Dave will be honored at a luncheon recognizing their achievements on Wednesday, September 27th at noon, in South Bend.

The Ernestine M. Raclin Community Leadership Awards were originally established by 1st Source Bank to honor the employees of 1st Source’s business customers who demonstrated leadership in their volunteer activities. The award also honors Ernie, Chairman Emeritus of 1st Source Corporation, who set an outstanding example throughout her career by giving her time, talents and leadership to help others.

Nominees for the award were judged on their leadership in volunteer service to communities. Leadership attributes such as Camille and Dave’s personal commitment, time spent, creativity, success of projects, dedication and impact on our community were taken into account during the judging. The Judging Panel included regional business leaders who are also dedicated to helping others and who have provided a leadership role in their local communities.

Congratulations to Camille and Dave! And thank you for your commitment and leadership to our Waynedale community.

The Waynedale News Staff
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