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Last month we talked about the bad green stuff in your yard, weeds! This month let’s talk about the good green stuff in your yard, the grass!

By now you’re starting to get an idea on how your yard is going to come out of its winter dormancy. Depending on the amount of rain, sun and the temperature lows each night, it could be time to mow!
Here are a few tips to remember as you get started.

One of the first things that you need to do to your yard is clean it up. You gotta start by picking up the limbs and twigs. Not only will they keep some of your grass from growing, they will play heck with your mower too. Got some bare spots from the dogs? Pile of leaves left over in the corner? Spot where you drove off the edge of the driveway last month? The more cleaning up and fixing up you do now, the quicker you’ll have that nice yard later this spring.

With the wide range of weather we have had the last few weeks, don’t worry if some of your yard has not started to green up and grow yet. All yards are a mixture of different kinds of seed. Generally, a mixture of bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass. It may take 2 -3 weeks of proper growing weather before all the types of grass in your yard are actively growing.

When you do start mowing, your first 3 – 5 mowings should be at almost the highest mower setting you have.

In the spring, cut it high and cut it often. Start with a sharp blade, and take half a swath with each pass so your mower can properly mulch the grass. Don’t cut off so much grass that you have a buildup of dead grass that will keep the needed sun from getting to the base of those grass plants.

I’ll get into yard fertilizing later, but I do have 1 hint for this spring when fertilizing. Do not put a pre-emergence crabgrass preventer down if you are also going to plant grass seed. There will be a battle in your yard and the pre-emergence crabgrass preventer will win and keep the seed from germinating. Plant or prevent, but don’t try both.

Last issue, I asked for home remedies to battle lawn weeds. This issue I want to hear about any home remedies to make your grass grow. And as you can see below, some will appear in my next article.  
You can respond by commenting below. Comment on The Waynedale News facebook page. Or send it into The Waynedale News office by mail.

From Debbie B, & Jack R, and something my grandmother always did…make a salad, jelly, etc. from the dandelion plant! I never tried the salad, but I remember grandma digging the plants up one by one. Who says that a nice yard can’t be yellow!

From Eric S…Don’t forget the bees and endangered bumblebees! Dandelions are a great source of nectar and pollen. Leave ‘em grow!

From Sandy B. & Peg M…a mixture of vinegar, water and dish soap. I’ve heard of this approach before but have never tried it. A Google search of this option gave me all sorts of mixture combinations. Do a little research before you try it and see what happens.

Thanks everybody!
Dave Umber,
3rd Generation Owner of Umber’s Do It Best Hardware
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