The northern Indiana District 6540 of Rotary International is accepting applications for two $7,000 summer study abroad scholarships. Successful applicants must be residents of District 6540 (northern Indiana) and be sponsored by a local Rotary club, which includes the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne and the Anthony Wayne Rotary Club. Applications are due December 24.

“This is a great opportunity for a university or college student to explore another country and act as a goodwill ambassador,” said Candace Schuler, president of the Rotary Club of Fort Wayne.

The scholarships, designed to further international understanding and goodwill, provide for study abroad in more than 60 countries where Rotary clubs are located.

Eligible students must have completed at least two years of U.S. university or college study by summer 2017.

During their studies abroad, Rotary District 6540 Scholars serve as “ambassadors of goodwill” through appearances before Rotary clubs and districts, schools, civic organizations and other forums. The scholars represent their homelands and work to further international understanding.

Each Summer Study Abroad Scholarship is for one summer abroad, up to a maximum of $7,000 each, for travel, tuition and fees, room and board. The funds will be paid directly to the U.S. educational institution offering the study or program.

Applications, due December 24 to, may be downloaded from the Rotary District 6540 Web Site,

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