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Mary Jane Millikan, left, and Jack Zern, right, were the recipients of the Bishop Luers High School Distinguished Knight Awards.Bishop Luers High School recently announced the recipients of the 2016 Distinguished Knight Awards after the celebration of the Mass for Homecoming on September 16. Mary Jane Bradley-Millikan was named the outstanding alumnus, and Jack Zern received the honorary alumnus.

When Mary Jane Bradley-Millikan entered the doors of Bishop Luers in 1958, a 58-year love affair with the school began. She is a proud member of the Class of 1962.

Millikan has been and continues to be a dedicated mother of five, a wife of 50 plus years, volunteer at St. John the Baptist Parish, Fort Wayne, and volunteer in the Bishop Luers community.

Millikan’s five children graduated from Bishop Luers where she was an involved parent. She takes pride in all the school renovation work that she and her husband, Mike, have done over the years, but she is proudest of the three generations of her family who have graduated from Bishop Luers High School.

Millikan has been a member of the Bishop Luers Alumni Board for the last 10 years. She is the first to step up to help with organizing class reunions or the golden knight ceremony. In 2008, Millikan spearheaded a 1962 class campaign raising funds to purchase the “knight” on the front of the school building.

Jack Zern has given time, talent, treasures, children and grandchildren to Bishop Luers High School. He has been part of this Bishop Luers community since 1976 when his oldest of five children began high school. Even though his youngest son graduated in 1985 and his oldest granddaughter did not enter Bishop Luers until 2007, he has faithfully served this Bishop Luers community, which he so loves.

Since 1980 he has volunteered his time to announce the girls’ volleyball and boys’ and girls’ basketball games. Over 36 years of service, he has garnered the name of “GV” or “Golden Voice” by his family. At about two hours a shot for an average of 10 home games per sport, that would estimate to be over 2,000 hours of service.

Zern truly embodies the Luers Spirit. The mission statement speaks to the values that are held so dearly at this school – dignity, integrity, respect and responsibility. He is devoted to his faith, his family and to Bishop Luers.

For Zern, it is not just the honor of announcing these games but it is the privilege of building so many special relationships with coaches, players, parents and other members of this community.

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