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Alex Cornwell, publisher of The Waynedale News, presents award to Camille Garrison for her community works.August 27, 2016 marked the date for the 14th annual Waynedale Community Picnic. The entire day was a blast that, of course, went too quickly! From 10am until 3pm the Waynedale Park was filled with energy, laughter, and droves of community members. From the splashpad, kids games, and arts and crafts to the BINGO tent, live band and free lunch- everyone had something to enjoy.

“As always,” says event coordinator, Megan Ryan, “it is such a joy to look around on the day of the picnic and watch so many people taking time to relax and enjoy their community.”

Everyone held their breath as the sky darkened a handful of times throughout the day and the threat of rain clouds peeked through. Must be the luck of Waynedale. Not a rain storm to be had, after all, at the picnic. Even with the threat of rain, the Waynedale Community came out proud, strong, and in large numbers! We estimate that over 1,500 people attended this year’s picnic. What a show of Waynedale Spirit!

This year at the picnic, The Waynedale News presented its first “Shining Star Award” to Camille Garrison for her dedication, commitment and improvement of the Waynedale Community. Her efforts, skills and connections have greatly impacted the enhancement of the area. For over 6 years, Camille has been involved in many facets of community betterment, namely, as a Member of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team, Founding Member of The Waynedale Business Chamber, Founder of The Waynedale Sidewalks & Trails Initiative as well as a co-leader of many community “togetherness” events, such as Waynedale Trunk-or-Treat, Taste of Waynedale and Easter In Waynedale. The award is meant to identify one influential community member each year and encourage improvement and positive action in the community.

Don’t forget, the picnic would not be possible without the support of over 100 local businesses who help donate time, money, and goods to make sure the day is filled with fun and entertainment! And as always, this event could not run without the support of over 50 volunteers! Three cheers for the community members who stepped up to volunteer and make it possible!

Mark your calendars! Next year’s picnic is set to take place on August 26, 2017.

If you would like to become a volunteer for next year’s 15th Annual Waynedale Community Picnic, contact Josie at 260-615-9881. For Sponsorship information or general questions, contact Megan at 260-609-2897 or visit waynedale.com/picnic

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