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Waynedaler Masthead 1959On September 2nd The Waynedale News celebrated its 84th birthday! Each year that passes is a celebration in the testament of time since its humble beginnings in 1932.

At the time of the newspaper’s inception, Waynedale was a much different place. This time period was at the dawn of major development in the community. Waynedale was a quaint unincorporated town, nestled away from the southern border of Fort Wayne. We had our own businesses, police department, water tower, fire department and an airport nearby, among the various clubs and organizations that every small town has.

Since that time, we have become our own community in Fort Wayne, but our identity of being “Waynedale Proud” has remained strong. Even today, when you ask a resident, they will say they are “from Waynedale” and not “from Fort Wayne.” This type of community branding and sense of belonging to a community is hard to find in any area with a similar history.

This sense of “Waynedale Pride” is what drives us at The Waynedale News to continue its long tradition of producing a community wide newspaper. Since our publisher, Alex Cornwell took office over 7 years ago, The Waynedale News has been committed to improving and uniting the community through its community hub, the newspaper.

The Waynedale News and its employees have been involved in almost all major developments in the community, including free community events, such as Easter In Waynedale, Christmas In Waynedale, the Waynedale Picnic and more. Alex Cornwell was a founder of the Waynedale Community Improvement Team and the Waynedale Business Chamber, whereas employee and brother Jordan Cornwell is currently serving as the President of the Chamber. Employees of the newspaper are encouraged to become involved in community service as a part of the newspaper’s mission.

Over the extensive history of the newspaper, there have been transitions from The Waynedale Press to The Waynedaler to The Waynedale News. Along with this have been changes to the community structure, but the one thing that has always united residents is the sense of belonging to Waynedale, and striving for an improved and better future for the community.

The Waynedale Newspaper is here to share your passion for the community as it produces only positive and family friendly news from right here in our neighborhoods. Through the support of advertisers, sponsors and personal donations, it is kept free of cost for all to read with over 35,000 readers in print each issue and 250,000 page views online each month.

Continuing to produce the newspaper and be as heavily involved in the community is no small task. We encourage your help as we celebrate our 84th year. If you would like to volunteer, donate or help in any way (small or large) please feel free to reach out to us at (260) 747-4535 or stop in at 2505 Lwr. Huntington Road in Waynedale.

Cheers to The Waynedale News and the Waynedale Community. And here’s to another 84 years. We can’t wait to see the brighter future that is just around the corner.

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