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South Side Optimist Johnny AppleseedThe South Side Optimist Club Fort Wayne will have a booth at the annual Johnny Appleseed Festival held September 17 and 18, 2016. This will be the Club’s 35th year to provide ham, beans and corn bread.

Each Optimist Club is independent and run by members in their own community. They have the unique flexibility to serve the youth of their community in any way they see fit.

The South Side Optimist Club “BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN KIDS,” by providing hope and positive vision for the past 60 years, because they value all children and want to help them develop to their full potentials.

Some of their many charitable organizations, and community service projects (programs) include:
Elmhurst Little League, Lifetime Sports Academy, Rescue Mission, Charis House, Children’s Cancer, Stillwater Retreat, Nana’s Creations, Redemption House, Wellspring, FAME, Greater Fort Wayne Ministry, Jail Ministry, Woodburn Christian Children’s Home, Kids Cancer and local Oratorical and Essays for Youth, and Dictionaries for Elementary School third graders.

So if you are looking for some 1800 Century family fun and some wonderful ham, beans and cornbread, visit the Southside Optimist Club booth at the Johnny Appleseed Festival.

For more information about their other activities and community service programs, come to one of their Tuesday morning meetings from 7 A.M. to 8 A.M. at the Hall’s Restaurant on Bluffton Road.

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