The 201st Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, an organization of adults and youth federally chartered to provide emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs has purchased more than three thousand wristbands that parents will be able to write their phone number on and place on their children’s wrists so first responders will be able to easily contact a parent separated from their child.

“Sometimes it happens that children get separated from their parents at large gatherings. With these wristbands, any police officer, fireman or paramedic can immediately contact a parent upon locating the child,” said 1st Lt. Anthony Vining, the Commander of the local Squadron. “It’s added peace of mind for the Parent and the Child.”

The wristbands will be distributed at the upcoming Fort Wayne Airshow and next year’s Three Rivers Festival, among other community events.

“This is just one way our organization gives back to the community. We want to ensure our children are safe and reduce the panic if a parent and child are separated in large crowds,” said Vining.

For more information on the Civil Air Patrol or to request wristbands for your event, contact the organization at www.capglrin201.com or email Commander@capglrin201.com.

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