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Your family (and friends) may be concerned about your lack of interaction, not responding appropriately or just tuning out.  Yet, they remember someone who was quick to respond and was sharp in all their conversations.

What happened to your identity? Are you not the person that you use to be? Wrong answers? Or, are the “huh”s and “what”s creeping into your responses more than before?

Hearing loss, even a subtle change in your high frequency hearing, can distort or limit what you hear.  “Are you thirsty?” could be mistaken for “Is it Thursday?” Laughable unless you are the person making the wrong response and wondering what just happened.

Don’t let hearing loss sneak up on you and rob you of your identity! A hearing screening is easy and often free at most professional medical facilities or through neighborhood programs like Senior Circle. Check with your family doctor or audiologist. You don’t need to have an earache to ask about your hearing.

Suspect a hearing loss, but still in denial? Try this. Make sure your friends and family get your attention first, before launching into their questions or discourse. Establish and maintain eye contact with each other and stay in the same room during the WHOLE conversation! P.S. If you are in the middle of a restaurant or the TV is blaring in the back ground, don’t expect to hear all the conversation. The competing sound will mask or cover up some of the sounds that you need to hear, besides what you are missing due to your hearing loss. Others with normal hearing have trouble in those situations too, but that’s not an excuse for your hearing decline. Get your identity back! Get back in the conversation and life!

Need more information? Go to or send a message to, or call 1-800-832-0290 for free information.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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