Tremors and quakes are not just a West Coast warning,
Waynedalers know they occur daily – just not in the morning.
Past teachers at Elmhurst would prepare at the end of each day,
At a quarter past two, before sports teams would play.
Sometimes tremors felt faint and barely noticed at all,
Yet other times we covered our heads in lines facing the walls.
We knew the source – changing names could not fool us;
Someday the “Big Hole” will devour walls, halls and every last school bus!

No schedules now, the halls silenced and dark,
While tremors feel stronger, reaching the library and park.
Shaking our houses and cars and all things inside,
Dogs scrambling for cover as knick-knacks start to fly.
So much has changed in sixty-four years of boom booming,
We’ve come to embrace the landscapes’ fiercest groom grooming.
We boast now of Fort Wayne’s only view of canyons and mountains,
And dare anyone to match their beauty with statues and fountains.

But one thing I miss, you’ll not find in my blog,
Can anyone tell me; What happened to the frog?

The Waynedale News Staff
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