Marine Cpl. Robert E. Eubank at home on leave with his mom.Mother’s Day came early for me this year as my son Marine Cpl. Robert Eubank arrived back home on April 11th after serving his country for two years in Okinawa. As I write this he is two days away from leaving Fort Wayne to travel to join his new unit here in the United States. Where he’s going I cannot divulge for he does security work that needs to be kept secure.

The past two weeks have flown by while he’s enjoyed homemade lasagna, reconnecting with friends and Harley, his feline buddy. It didn’t take Harley long to start showing his love by snuggling, rubbing his face and jumping on him at all hours of the night. Harley also reminded Robert in no uncertain terms his food bowl must be kept full at all times: Harley freaks if he sees a bare spot at the bottom of it.

A major item on Robert’s “to-do” list is to purchase a car. Having scoped out the local dealerships online, he knew exactly the car he wanted to purchase: a Scion TC 2011 in dark blue with a sunroof. It even came equipped with the best anti-theft device a car could have: manual transmission. Thankfully back in his high school years his friend Nathan taught him the rudiments of driving a “stick” on his mother’s car so the learning curve wasn’t hard to scale.

Robert runs into a challenge financing his dream vehicle as he always used a debit card and didn’t have a credit history. Kudos to Yolanda Williams Member Sales Specialist at the Three Rivers Federal Credit Union “The Harrison” location for giving this young man a car loan 3-5% lower than any of the other financial institutions he investigated.

Today he drives the car to South Bend where it will be loaded onto a truck and driven to his new destination where he will pick it up a few days after his arrival.

Last Sunday Robert asked me if he could take me out to celebrate Mother’s Day. Traditionally Mother’s Days are celebrated with cards, gifts and special restaurant dinners where mom receives a free dessert. Not the case here. Robert picks me up and we celebrate at The Office Tavern over on Brooklyn Avenue. Robert has never eaten there so he orders the half pound steak burger and a side of BBQ wings while I’m good with the cod sandwich.

As we wait on the food we begin to share. We talk about what it’s like for him to start a new assignment he knows little about, making first impressions and fitting in to a new unit. We talk about our relationships with family members and friends – some strengthened while others are in limbo. As I sit across from him I see signs of “Robby” my young son: The blue eyes, the wry smile and dry sense of humor. I also see the young man who serves his country who is in the process of making a full life for himself. I look back on our journey as mother and son and know no matter how many miles separate us, no matter what obstacles life may throw in our paths, we will continue to talk and share and take joy in each other’s life.

Thanks Robert for the best Mother’s Day present I could ask for: You!

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