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Walgreens employees on Bluffton Road wearing Red Noses in support of Red Nose Day Fund. Walgreens-the corner of happy and healthy-helping to fight kids’ poverty.Red Nose Day has been celebrated in the United Kingdom for more than 25 years and encourages people to do red noses and have a good laugh for a good cause. Red Nose Day started last year in the United States. Walgreens is again this year raising funds for the Red Nose Day Fund, which supports non-profit organizations that helps lift children and young people out of poverty in the U.S. and overseas.

As the exclusive retail partner for Red Nose Day, Walgreens made getting involved in this fun-fueled campaign easy and convenient. From now through June 4, Walgreens stores are selling red noses for $1 each, with proceeds contributed to the Red Nose Day Fund.

The official Red Nose day will be on Thursday, May 26th.

It was a sell-out last year with just the Red Nose so Walgreens has added some new Red Flair merchandise, ie., red hats, headbands, bowties, even Red Noses for your car!

Walgreens raised millions of dollars with your help last year. Let’s do it again! Here are some of the charities that will benefit from your support: Boys and Girls Club of America, Charity: Water, G.A.V.I., and NCLR.

At the corner of happy and healthy in Waynedale-Bluffton Road and Lower Huntington-get your Red Nose ON!

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