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GIRLS BB 2016I AM SO PROUD OF THESE GIRLS! Every single one of them is getting better by the week! They are all playing their best basketball of their life, as far as I can tell. Put it this way, I personally have never seen any of them play this well. And it all starts with Coach Pixley. He expects them to play really hard. And they all are! How can you NOT give 100% when every girl around you is doing just that? Plus, playing your hardest will make you a better ball player. Then, when you’ve improved like they all have, you naturally gain more confidence in yourself which enables you to start playing even better.

As a fan and a lifelong Coach, these girls are so exciting to watch! Now, I know that not every game is going to be better than your last. No matter. THESE GIRLS ARE ALL BETTER BALLPLAYERS NOW THAN THEY WERE BEFORE! Plus winning 2 tournaments in a row is fun!  I believe this is the first time we’ve ever won the Homestead Invitational, and now the Bluffton Tournament, too! Obviously, they can see the fruits of their labor are paying off! So can their parents. I can’t wait until they get into Luers, this fall! Girls, I’m so very proud of you all. We all are! You earned these Championship medals, and you deserve to be called “CHAMPIONS!”