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Trek the Trails bikersWaynedale will host its first Spring Bike/Walk event on Saturday, April 16th. Supporters will gather at Penguin Point, 7303 Winchester Road at 11 a.m. Participants can either bike 6.5 miles down the Rivergreenway towards Foster Park or can choose to walk the Rivergreenway approximately 2 miles to Tillman Park. Please stick around after the event and have lunch at Penguin Point to celebrate their continued presence and importance to the Waynedale community.

Mayor Henry will be attending and plans a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of the ramp that was placed at the Fairfield/Tillman Road intersection late last fall during improvements to Lower Huntington Road. Sidewalks were also added in front of Penguin Point that provide safe access to the St. Marys Pathway connecting to Foster Park.

The Spring Trails Trek at the Point is free with many local businesses supporting the event. GMI Insurance is completing a raffle for a Schwinn bicycle they donated which began at Kingston’s recent Taste of Waynedale. $150 was raised that evening. Area businesses such as Hair Affair and Kingston Residence continue to take entries. Tickets are a $1 donation each or 6/$5. The winning entry will be drawn at the event with the proceeds going to the Waynedale Trails and Sidewalk Initiative.

Kingston Residence will provide water bottle koozies and Hair Affair will supply bottled water to the participants. Umber’s Do It Best will raffle off seven bike pumps. Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks will have trail maps available from Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. Parkview will provide a limited number of coupons for free bike helmets from the Parkview Safety Store. The City of Fort Wayne has been very instrumental in planning and supporting the event.

A cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th from 9 a.m. – noon to spruce up the area where the Spring Trek event will happen. Volunteers are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact 415-7741.

Waynedale Trails and Sidewalks Initiative is a group working towards adding sidewalks, trails and trail connections. Comprised of community members, our mission is to provide safe walking and cycling for the residents of Waynedale; encouraging a healthy lifestyle while creating opportunities for pedestrians to patronize our local businesses.

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