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C-SPAN recently announced that Colin Spencer and Calvin McAllister, eighth graders at Canterbury Middle School, are Honorable Mention winners in C-SPAN’s national 2016 StudentCam competition. Colin and Calvin will receive $250 for their documentary, “Federalism.”

The national competition, now in its 12th year, invites middle school (grades 6-8) and high school students (grades 9-12) to produce a five-to-seven minute documentary on a national policy issue.

This year, students used video cameras to address the theme, “Road to the White House: what’s the issue YOU most want candidates to discuss during the 2016 presidential campaign?” In response, C-SPAN received a record 2,887 video submissions from almost 6,000 students in 45 states and Washington, DC.

“With the presidential campaign in the forefront of people’s minds, we wanted to hear from students across the country about the issues that matter to them,” said Craig McAndrew, C-SPAN’s Manager of Education Relations. “StudentCam provides these young people, many of whom are too young to vote, with a platform to express their opinions and have their voices heard.”

The most popular topic chosen by students was the economy. Nineteen percent of entries were about issues affecting the economy such as poverty, homelessness, and minimum wage, followed by equality (13 percent), and education (12 percent).

C-SPAN is funded by America’s cable television companies, which support StudentCam. In Fort Wayne, C-SPAN is available locally through Comcast.

“It is an honor to partner with C-SPAN on their annual StudentCam documentary competition. We congratulate our local winners, Colin Spencer and Calvin McAllister. Particularly in the midst of a presidential election year, it is important for middle school students to make their voices heard on the issues that are important to them, their community, and our nation. Education is important to Comcast and we recognize them locally on their national academic achievement,” said Craig D’Agostini, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs.

These winners are among 332 students from across the country winning a total of $100,000, including one Grand Prize winner, four First Prize winners, 16 Second Prize winners, 32 Third Prize winners and 97 Honorable Mentions.

The 150 winning videos may be viewed at www.studentcam.org/winners16.htm.

The annual competition is sponsored by the C-SPAN Education Foundation. Videos were evaluated by a panel of educators and C-SPAN representatives based on the thoughtful examination of the competition’s theme, quality of expression, inclusion of varying sides of the documentary’s topic, and effective incorporation of C-SPAN programming.

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