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Jimmy SchindlerWhat could be more fun than a barrel full of ostriches? How about an evening with Jimmie Schindler sharing some stories of wit and humor? You will have your chance, Tuesday, February 23 from 7:00pm-8:00pm at the Main Library, Meeting Room A.

The founder of the Bandidos restaurants has been sharing humorous stories for years. Jimmie (as he prefers to be called these days), has written six books and his stories have graced the pages of six different newspapers. He has been a guest speaker at The University of Notre Dame and at our own University of St. Francis. And, at 81 years young, he will duel wits with men or women half his age.

Introducing his latest book ”The Best Damn Poems You Never Read”, Jimmie will also share his special brand of humor and lightning wit. The evening will include stories that will amuse and impress, and poems that will tickle your fancy.

This author of the newspaper column “Schindler Sez” has also released his autobiography “St. Vincent’s Child”. As you can see, this “retired” restaurant owner has not been resting much. This is a special opportunity for all of us. As Shindler Sez, “I can’t guarantee the folks will laugh their behinds off, but after the reading, they’ll probably weigh a little less.”

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