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It’s time to tackle the socially active issue as in, “I want to homeschool my child but how will I keep my child socially active?” or “How will your child learn to interact socially being homeschooled?” [SARCASM ALERT]

Oh gee, ya got me there, I guess I’d better register my daughter in an away from home school so she can spend the school day with kids her own age and if she’s lucky actually get to talk to them during lunch.

Since my daughter and I began our unexpected homeschool journey, here’s a few of the classes she’s participated in; Taekwondo, gym, art, linguistics, genealogy, calligraphy, science and she was part of a theatre troupe. Oh, did I neglect to mention there were other children participating in these classes too? Children of various ages…adults too.

She’s had to learn the nuances of communicating with younger children, teenagers, and adults. We’ve taken field trips with other homeschool children, just to name a few; we toured Sweetwater Sound, got wet at a pool party, and saw Black Violin perform at the Embassy. Some of our field trips have been just mother and daughter adventures such as listening to the dulcet tones of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and going to Australia, Africa, and the Indonesian Rain Forest via the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

I can be sarcastic about “The Socially Active” topic because it was one of my concerns about homeschooling my daughter.

Don’t waste a single moment worrying about this issue! It’s one of the biggest lies out there about homeschooling. It really is elementary, my dear Watson…your children will NOT suffer socially as long as you’re willing to drive across town or up the street to meet with other homeschoolers to learn together.

Until next month God bless you and your little or not so little ones!

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews

Michele Andrews is a full-blown Hoosier and Waynedaler. She was born in a Fort Wayne hospital then followed her mom and dad home to Waynedale. She has seen bits and pieces of the world while serving a stint in the United States Navy. The farthest bit being St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer