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PAWS projectAn area non-profit agency which provides registered dog handler teams to patients for the purpose of physical, occupational and psychological therapies, among others types, will be the recipient of a portion of the proceeds of a concert at Roanoke’s Cottage Event Center. Pets Assisting Well-Being and Success, aka PAWS INC., was established to share the scientifically proven positive benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy in education, healthcare and other areas.

The concert stars the singing trio THE BRAT PACK. The act includes vocalists Chadd Michaels, Todd Frymier and Lindsey K., and will feature music made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others.

PAWS Inc. has approximately thirty teams of dogs and handlers serving clients in a number of area counties including Huntington and Allen. All of their dog handler teams are registered and insured by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and must meet rigorous standards. The group’s founder and executive director is Janet Jordan Altmeyer of Fort Wayne; Kay Anderson is Director of Placement Services. More information may be found by calling 260-484-2305.

The Cottage Event Center is located at the corner of US 24 and Locust in Roanoke. Tickets are $10 and may be ordered by calling 483-3508, or by using PayPal at cottageeventcenter.com. Due to high demand, seating is limited. The venue is owned and operated by Hamilton Hospitality Group.

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