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Hill’s Meat Market celebrated their new store’s grand opening on February, 1 2016.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was lead by Chuck Hill (middle).For me, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending an evening with a dear friend hashing over the past week’s activities. As she is 89 years old, and no longer drives, she is dependent on her son to help her get around, so her tales are limited and talk mostly about shopping. Now, as a healthy shopping discussion is right down my alley, we wholeheartedly agreed that buying groceries is tops. And, that there is no better place to shop than our local Hill’s Meat Market on Lower Huntington Road. For a wide variety of reasons, Hill’s meets our every need and then some.

So, for the reason of this article, which I will reveal in a minute, I did a bit of snooping and learned that Hill’s Market has been serving the Waynedale area for over 75 years. They have, and continue to have, maintained high standards in their products and staff. They supply a variety of specials that are really fun.

This sounds like an advertisement, however, the real intention in this is what my dear friend shared at the conclusion of our conversation. She proceeded to tell me, with a twinkle in her eye, that since she is a no-drive senior, she attempts to get all her needs on her Saturday morning trips. She concluded that on one of her Saturday’s, while shopping there, they were out of her Pepperidge Farm bread. As Mr. Hill was carrying her groceries to her son’s car, she mentioned it. She breathlessly stated that the following week she heard a knock on her door and to her surprise there stood Mr. Hill with bread in arm. She added that he has done this same thing on three other occasions.

Now, I would like to follow up on this above-and-beyond kindness, by inserting that Mr. Hill has opened up a beautiful new market right next door. We can all assume that that takes a lot of time and work to accomplish. I did learn from one of his faithful employees that Mr. Hill does acts of kindness all the time. For this reason, Mr. Hill, I wish to thank you for all that you have done and are doing. It is with sincere praise I say “well done in many ways” for having such a warm heart to those who need it. It is so touching to me that there are still caring people.

God Bless You Mr. Hill!

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