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The Foster Park Lions Club and First Christian Church at the corner of South Calhoun and Pettit Streets have agreed to work on a service project together. The church has several dead trees on their property on the south side of Fort Wayne that need to be removed.

Here is how the project works: First Christian Church and the Lions Club will raise money and then the club members will cut down the trees. All money raised will then be donated to the First Christian Church Food Bank which is a part of the Associated Churches Neighborhood Food Network. The food bank serves those who live south of Rudisill, west of Lafayette Street, and east of the St. Mary’s river.

The two organizations hope to start this program as soon as possible. As always, prayers are also requested!

Please help spread the word about this worthy Lions Club project and help First Christian and the neighborhood in more ways than one. This is a win-win-win project. The church gets their dead trees removed, the Food Bank gets a boost and the Lions Club gets to serve which is their motto!

Donation checks should be made out to Foster Park Lions Club and mailed to 4800 S. Calhoun, Fort Wayne, IN 46807.

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