RIVERBEND BINGOAs a way to give back to the Waynedale senior community, the Riverbend Health Care Center, located at 7519 Winchester Road, hosts a free (to the public) bingo event on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Snacks and drinks, selected and approved by Riverbend’s dietary staff, are provided. Immediately before the playing, Al Chester Descallar, the on-site physical therapist, will give a brief, informal speech on a selected health topic, on subjects related to therapy and safety. July’s topic was eye safety awareness.

Riverbend residents have their activities and bingo events, completely separate from the for-the-public bingo. It’s community service that also checks off another wish for the center, according to executive director, Carmela Tuttle. “[We’re also] trying to get people in the door to check us out and see the new face of Riverbend.”

Facility tours can be given, but please excuse their mess. Riverbend’s interiors are getting a small facelift. Part of the new face includes a vast mural that’s just been completed in what will become Riverbend’s “man cave” area. The mural was painted by the art club from Wayne High School; some of the students were so committed to finish the project, they came back to paint even after graduation.
Cash money at the bingo (sorry) can’t be won; prizes are selected based on that month’s category (food items and sunglasses were given to July’s bingo winners). Activity director Cindy Lawson runs the bingo; the jovial, not-shy Lawson has been with the care center for 2 years, after a short stint with Riverbend back in the 90s.

The new Riverbend will also boast a new 2016 conversation transportation van and a shuttle service, set to arrive by August, in time for their next bingo event, on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Call Riverbend Health Care Center 260.747.7435 for more information.

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