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Waynedale PicnicThe Waynedale Community Picnic is celebrating its 13th year on August 22nd from 10am-3pm at the Waynedale Park! For those who have never attended the picnic or are new to Waynedale, you are in for a treat! The picnic is a tradition that Waynedale community members look forward to attending each year. The picnic is a free, family friendly event that feeds and entertains more than 1,500 Waynedale guests. This year, a huge thank you to our overall sponsors The Waynedale News, Circle City Audio, Hanson Aggregates and JW Signs for helping with this time-honored tradition! Along with our overall sponsors, many thanks go out to over a hundred local businesses and organizations that have donated and sponsored the picnic in many different ways. Year after year, without the loyal support of the businesses in the area that donate money, prizes, and their talents this “community togetherness” event would not be possible.

As the new event coordinator and lead organizer of the picnic, Megan Ryan, teacher at Bishop Luers High School shared, “I am honored to be a part of such a rich tradition here in Waynedale and I’m looking forward to a day of fun and community building! It has been a lot of work but it will be worth it to see all the people come out and enjoy a day dedicated just for them!”

The picnic started 12 years ago under the direction of Beulah Matczak and Cheryl Connett and has since become a lasting tradition. Matczak sadly stepped away from the picnic this year but has been a huge help in supporting Ryan as she takes over. Ryan stated, “I have to give a huge thank you to Cheryl and Beulah as they have mentored me through this first year of planning the picnic. They are both fantastic community leaders and should be proud of the tradition they have built. I am excited to carry on that tradition with Cheryl.”

Ryan has introduced a few new features to the long-standing event. New this year, the event will showcase a live band “Loudmouth Soup,” an emergency vehicle tour and the Waynedale Park splash pad will be open! To accommodate for these new features and all of the traditional picnic favorites, the event layout has changed a bit in order to utilize all assets of the park. So, be prepared for a fresh new look and exciting new features this year!

The Waynedale Community Picnic encourages guests of all ages to come to enjoy the event. There will be something for everyone to enjoy at the picnic. As always, along with the new additions this year, there will be a free lunch, bingo with prizes, children’s games, arts and crafts, face painting and many vendors from the area. Be sure to stop at the sign-in table when you arrive to receive your meal tickets and information about the day’s events.

Whether you are new to Waynedale or have attended every picnic since its existence, mark your calendars! The 13th Annual Waynedale Community Picnic will be held at the Waynedale Park on Saturday, August 22nd from 10:00am-3:00pm.

If you would like more information regarding the Waynedale Community Picnic please contact Megan Ryan at (260) 609-2897 or waynedalepicnic@gmail.com or you can visit the following link: www.waynedale.com/picnic

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