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Sandy Ayers, Pathfinder Community Connection and Jermaine Jackson, client.Pathfinder’s comm-unity development office currently has money available for qualified individuals through a program run by the state’s Housing and Community Development Authority.

If you live in Indiana and meet the criteria for the grant money based on household size and taxable income, you could receive up to $3,600 dollars over the next four years. It is called the Individual Development Account (IDA) program. Funds received through the program can pay for a down payment, inspections, or closing costs associated with the purchase of a new home. But, you can also use the money to offset the costs of college fees and tuition. You can even use the money to train for a new job, or cover start-up or expansion costs of a small business, says Pathfinder’s Sandy Ayers.

Pathfinder Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote both human and community development based in Huntington, Indiana, since 1966. The organization also supports Indiana residents living in nearly 20 Indiana counties, including Allen County and its neighbors. The intent of Pathfinder programs like IDA is to assist Hoosiers and improve their quality of life. For more information and details, contact Sandy Ayers at 260-456-2385 x 3601 or 866-892-0513 or sayers@pathfinderservices.org.

Indiana residents like Jermaine Jackson, who owns Jackson Insurance Agency, plans to use the IDA money towards a home purchase. “The Pathfinder Community Connections programs have helped me take an honest look at my finances and understand the effects of my choices. The staff has provided expert knowledge and guidance with specific ways, nuggets of wisdom, to help me achieve my goals. I most definitely recommend their programs, like the Financial Fitness and Home Buyer classes, along with the IDA to all of my friends and neighbors. These are real resources, from real people who are on your side. They have also connected me to other resources to help me on my way towards financial stability.”

Brandon D. Schwarze

Brandon D. Schwarze

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