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Brooks ConstructionBrooks Construction Co., Inc., Fort Wayne, has been recognized by the Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana (APAI) for superior asphalt pavement construction at the APAI’s recent annual conference and awards luncheon.

Brandon Bushee, Brooks Construction, and Bill Hartman, Allen County Highway Dept., accepted the Quality Pavement Award on behalf of the company in the category of Reconstruction – County. This was one of seven categories in which superior asphalt pavement construction was recognized. Brooks Construction Co. won its award for work done on Hoagland Road in Allen County, IN, during 2014.

Each project submitted by paving contractors for an award was visited and rated by a professional engineer using several criteria, including: Workmanship, matching existing asphalt around the new surface, uniformity of texture, smoothness, longitudinal and transverse joint construction, degree of difficulty and use of green technologies.

After the engineer’s review of each site, an APAI Quality Review Panel analyzed his recommendations for final award decisions.

“The APAI is happy to recognize Brooks Construction Co. for its outstanding work in the asphalt paving industry,” commented William Knopf, APAI executive director.

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