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Richs Auto give awayIn December, Rich’s Auto Center in Waynedale, decided to give back to their community so they became involved with the NAPA Holiday Give Back Program. NAPA and Ridge Company donated $500 worth of parts. Rich’s Auto Center stepped up and donated $500 worth of labor, to a vehicle in need, to make sure the vehicle was safe and running well.

The family owned and operated automotive center, located at 2135 Sandpoint Road, received several applications and it was hard to make a decision; however, after much investigation and discussion, Rich, Cindy and their staff decided to help Ariana Jehl.

Ariana is a 19-year-old student at IPFW. Besides being a full time student (19 hours) and putting herself through school by working two jobs, Ariana is captain of the Mastodon Cheer Team and is active in the community. With all this on her plate, Ariana still maintains her grades and is in the Honors Program at IPFW.

Ariana’s family moved out of state a few years ago so her step-dad could take a job in Michigan. Ariana is very family-oriented and tries to see her parents and family as much as possible – putting extra miles on her vehicle.

Initially, the automotive center was going to fix Ariana’s 2007 Impala, with 209,000 miles on it. After looking at the number of miles on the vehicle, the bodywork that was required and the mechanical work that was also needed, the decision was made to help Ariana out by getting her in to a new used vehicle – a 2006 Pontiac G6 with under 95,000 miles.

Rich believes, “there is only one “right way” to repair a vehicle and that it is to fully restore it to its like-new condition. Not just cosmetically.”

Ariana was given the Pontiac G6 with a new used engine that included a one year warranty; new brake pads and rotors; new steering & suspension parts; a new battery and wiper blades, plus a few extra add ons.

Ariana’s parents paid $1700 for a $6000 vehicle.

Rich’s Auto Center treats their customers as they would want to be treated and that is what keeps them coming back.

“We believe that God has blessed us and our business and we strive to pass these blessings on to others,” said Rich.
On January 26, 2015, Ariana became the proud owner of a beautiful Pontiac G6! Congratulations!

A Special Thanks to NAPA, Ridge Company and The Fort Wayne NAPA Business Development Group for initiating the Give Back Program.

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