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Four NJHS boys hold up milk crates recently packed with one blanket and six books.Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School’s National Junior Honor Society was looking for a service project idea. One of the advisors, Mrs. Tonya Brown, had heard an idea on a news program. She presented the idea and all the NJHS students and other advisors got on board.

First they had a bake sale and raised $800. With that money, they purchased a variety of children’s books. School families donated other books and fleece material to make fleece blankets. They obtained plastic milk crates and quickly got to work.

The NJHS students washed out the milk crates. They cut out and tied together two-sided fleece blankets. They sorted through the books. They packed up each milk crate with one fleece blanket and six books to give to the children of Vincent Village.

The NJHS students want to promote a sense of ownership in these children who have experienced homelessness with their families. Now the children will have a home, thanks to Vincent Village. And now they can enjoy reading their books under a warm fleece blanket in their new homes, thanks to the NJHS students.

The NJHS advisors are Mrs. Deb Brough, Ms. Sue Verstynen and Mrs. Tonya Brown. They are proud of how the NJHS students got on board and wanted to help less fortunate children. The NJHS is exploring ways to extend this outreach of fleece blankets and books to other children in need. For now, they are happy to deliver 30 crates before Christmas to the children of Vincent House as a house-warming gift.

Vincent Village organizers provided the NJHS with a list of children’s genders and ages, to give them a better idea for the selection of blankets and books. The children’s names were kept private. Vincent Village is a local charitable organization that helps families who are experiencing homelessness with a transitional shelter and also with affordable rental housing. Vincent Village works to keep families together as they get back on their feet. The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School National Junior Honor Society is made up of 44 7th and 8th graders.

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