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First grade class of Miss Kaitlynn Gallaway and her teaching assistant Mrs. Lori Miguel.Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School first graders and their families were busy as Advent began, baking and bagging dozens of cookies for their service project “Goodies for God.”

“Goodies for God” is an annual service project in which first grade families bake and donate dozens of cookies and other sweets to sell to the school and parish community Dec. 1 through Dec. 4. The cookies are priced at 25 cents a bag, and all proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Care Center. Anne Koehl, the Fort Wayne Director of the Women’s Care Center, will be present at the All School Mass on Dec. 5 to accept the money raised by the first graders.

“This is such a wonderful way to reach out to the community and show support,” said Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School principal Lois Widner. “Our first graders are learning the gift of stewardship and being true witnesses of their faith – all by simply selling cookies. How awesome is that!”

The Women’s Care Center is a northern Indiana charitable organization that gives support to women in crisis pregnancies by offering the women ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, parenting classes, diapers and baby clothes.

The “Goodies for God” is a part of a unit of study for the first graders, according to first grade teachers Julie Peters and Kaitlynn Gallaway. Earlier this fall, the first graders took a field trip to Ellison Bakery to see a commercial cookie operation. On Dec. 5, the first graders will take another field trip to the University of St. Francis’ “Santa’s Village” put on by USF education majors. There the first graders will celebrate the upcoming feast day of St. Nicholas, as well as the close of their week of selling cookies in the “Goodies for God” service project.

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