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Team Brady Specialty ItemsOctober 26, 2014, Brady Marret had a near fatal crash on his moped and now has no memory of what happened. He broke every bone in his face and suffered a broken neck, ruptured spleen, kidneys and other organs, punctured and collapsed lung, plus a lot of road rash on the right side of his body. Brady was in a coma and on a breathing machine when we (Mom Marcia & Dad Steve) were told by the doctors in Lutheran’s ICU to expect the worse. A lot of family members (including some from out of town — even as far away as Nashville) and close friends spent the day and night by Brady’s side praying that he wouldn’t leave us.

Day 3; Still alive, Brady was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs (one of which kept filling up with blood) he started running a fever, the doctors made a desperate decision to proceed with surgeries. After a trach and feeding tube was in place it was time for the facial reconstruction surgery. We were told again that due to the extent of Brady’s injuries, there was the possibility of losing him during the procedure. After the 6 ½ hour surgery Dr. Stevens told us that everything went according to plan. Brady ended up with 10 titanium plates in his face, 59 screws, 2 arch bars supporting his palate, and his mouth was wire shut. Brady was still alive!

Day 13; Brady started to respond to the nurses and squeezed our hand. A few more days later he was writing on a small dry-erase board and said, “I want to go home, I want out of here!” Brady improved some every day and with the help of his PT he began sitting and standing up, and eventually he began to walk. Brady moved to Lutheran’s Rehabilitation Hospital November 11 and then home November 18.

Brady’s Health Insurance through Alconex, where he was working, would have been effective on November 1, only 6 days from the date of his accident. Bills and medical expenses continued to pile up so Steve & Marcia decided to organize a fundraiser. It was marketed as the TEAM BRADY – PAGHETTI FUND-RAISER DINNER & AUCTION FOR ACCIDENT VICTIM & MEDICAL MIRACLE BRADY MARRET.

With the support and help of a lot of family members the preparations began. Thanks to a lot of local businesses and individuals who donated products, services and money for the cause, the event was scheduled for Saturday evening, December 13 in Waynedale.

The Waynedale News advertised the event as a pro-bono and The Southwest Conservation Club donated their facility which includes a kitchen and space for accommodating large crowds.

Approximately 150 attended, raffles for free prizes took place during the dinner and a lot of people were lucky winners of a lot of nice prizes. Marlo, a local comedian entertained the crowd while we prepared to start the auction that was conducted by Gordon Hirschy of Hirschy Auctions and fellow member of SWCC. An impressive amount of money was raised for a good cause — thanks to all of the businesses and individuals who donated and helped. The Marret family is eternally grateful for everything everyone has done, thank you so much, words cannot express our gratitude. And thank you God for sparing our son.

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Steve Marret

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