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It’s time to Rake

Annual Leaf Collection Began October 20
A popular tool used during the fall, is the leaf rake. The invention of the leaf rake is credited to Chester Greenwood in the 1930s. But what was Chester’s most famous invention? Keep reading to find out.

No doubt, many of us will be pulling out a leaf rake this month as neighborhood leaf collection begins Monday, October 20, 2014.  The Street Department will collect leaves in two separate sweeps through each neighborhood.
Preparing for leaf pick-up?

There are two ways to have your leaves picked-up this fall. Residents can rake leaves to the curb or park strip in front of their home making sure they are ready for pick-up by 7 a.m. on Monday of their designated week, as leaf collection can occur on any day of the designated collection week. Other yard waste should not be mixed with the leaves, and cars should not be parked over the leaves.
The second way is to place leaves in biodegradable bags at the curb, and call 311 to schedule a pick-up.

Bagged leaves will be collected within two businesses days of your call to 311.
The 2014 Fort Wayne Leaf Pick-up schedule:
Oct. 20-24 North
Oct. 27-31 Central
Nov. 3-7 South
Nov. 10-14 North
Nov. 17-21 Central
Dec. 1-5 South
There will be no leaf collection on Veterans Day, Tuesday, November 11.

Where are the crews today?
Beginning the afternoon of October 20, daily updates of the specific neighborhoods that crews will be in the next day, will be available at the website www.cityoffortwayne.org/leaves. Additionally, beginning October 20, residents can call the leaf pick-up hotline, 427-2302 to get daily updates.

No Burning
Burning leaves within the City limits is a violation of City Code.  The fine is $50; $75 after 30 days (Ordinance #74.70)

Be Safe, Maintain
As a safety precaution and to assist motorists, parents should remind children to not play in leaf piles near the street.
Residents should also make sure that leaves are not near a storm drain and that storm drains are free and clear to handle rain water.

Chester’s Outdoor Inventions
Farmington, Maine’s Chester Greenwood, secured a patent for the leaf rake two years before he died but his most famous invention, also related to outdoors, came when he was just 15. That’s when Greenwood was recognized for inventing ear muffs.

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