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The Waynedale Church of the Nazarene began meeting in 1939 in a house located at 6902 Bradbury Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Rev. V. L McSherry served as its pastor in Waynedale. Raymond Fairfield, Floyd Hapner and DeWitt Kiester were elected trustees at the first meeting held on September 3, 1939. Loree Pickard served as church secretary.

Early church records list the following as charter member: Raymond and Millie Fairfield, Floyd and Edith Hapner, DeWitte, Rose and Evelyn Kiester and Mrs. Ralph Otis.

From 1939 to 1945 the following served as pastor of the Waynedale Church of the Nazarene:
V. F. McSherry-1939
Harold L. Johnston-1940-1941
Fred L. Vaught-1941-1942
James R. Shadowens-1942-1944
Arthur F. Merriman-1944-1945

In May of 1945, Rev. Harold L. Kennedy became the pastor. It was at that time, the Elmhurst and Miami Village areas were canvassed and a church bus was purchased. Gas was being rationed at the time and the church felt they could help more people in the area attend the church.

In 1946, the first parcel of land was purchased, the portion of land upon which the church currently rest. The first sanctuary was built, complete with Sunday School rooms. The general contractor was DeWitt Kiester. Five men staked off the basement, had it dug out and before long the walls were poured. Pastor Kennedy insisted that the floor be poured in one day. Because of extreme heat and very little fresh air, two men passed out from exhaustion, but by days end, the cement floor was finished.

Sanford Geeting, whose family was the first to ride the church bus, finished all the windows on the outside, plastered some of the walls, cut all the stone and carried it to the stone mason, who happened to be Pastor Kennedy’s father-in-law.

It was also about this time that the name of the church was changed to Elmhurst Church of the Nazarene.

From 1945 to the present the following ministers served as pastor of the Elmhurst Church of the Nazarene:
Harold L. Kennedy-1945-1948
Myron C. Morford-1948-1953
Virgil G. Meyer-1953-1958
Alva B. Kelly-1958-1963
Paul Henry-1963-1985
Charles F. Clark-1985-1987
Charles C. Howie-1987-1994
Mark A. Brown-1994-2007
Richard C. Dickson-2007-present
In 1948, a parsonage was built that housed pastors and their families from 1948-1981.

In 1973, a fellowship hall was built onto the church. In March of 1981, ground was broken for a new parsonage that would sit behind the church on Kelmar Drive. It was completed and ready for occupancy in July of that same year. The old parsonage was moved to a new location on Sandpoint Road to make way for the building of a new sanctuary.

On April 18, 1999, ground was broken for the new sanctuary; it was completed that same year and dedicated on November 14, 1999.

Today, September 3, 2014, they will be celebrating 75 years of God’s faithfulness at the curve on Sandpoint Road.

September 7, marks a great milestone in the history of the Elmhurst Church of the Nazarene. It will be celebrating its 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, 10:30am worship service and a time of celebration at 2:30pm. At both services, Dr. David Roland, District Superintendent of the Northeastern Indiana District Church of the Nazarene, will be preaching. As well, former pastor Rev. Chuck Howie and his wife, Marilyn, will be sharing ministry in music during the service. There will be a reception following the afternoon service in the fellowship hall. The community is cordially invited to attend.

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