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Kristi O’Brien GolfThe Symetra Tour rankings have been updated. Recently Luers grad, Kristi O’Brien was ranked #163, based on her Q-School #2 score last year. She played great when she passed Q-School #1 in California to qualify for the SYMETRA Tour. But she didn’t do well at Q-2 in Florida. So she fell in rank. But, they re-evaluated the ranking, after the tour was well under way.

Kristi, after not getting accepted into any Symetra events at all early on this spring (limiting only 144 ladies in each event), has played in 5 or 6 since, simply because 20 of the top 144 did not enter.

Kristi played in South Bend right before the Sunday night deadline! It’s tough, because you often don’t know where you’re going on Monday or Tuesday (for practice rounds) until Saturday or Sunday! If it’s a long destination, like Florida or Arizona, just imagine what the cost of an airline flight is on a day or 2 notice!

Good news is that Kristi has moved up to #137. That’s inside the top 144, meaning Kristi can now decide on her own, weeks ahead, on which one she wants to play. There are about 5 more Symetra Tour events, all on the East coast. Potentially, she could do all 5 tournaments.

A side note—Recently, O’Brien was putting on the practice green at Crooked Stick Country Club in Indy, when Peyton Manning happened to walk by. Kristi turned, glanced over her shoulder and instinctively said, “Hey Peyton!” Believe it or not, Manning said, “Hi Kristi! How’s your golf game?”

Kristi found out later that day from Manning’s caddie—who Kristi knows—that Manning told his playing partner Country Singer Jake Owen, “Jake, you might want to go over and talk to that girl. That’s Kristi O’Brien, who was on Golf’s Big Break show!”  And so, that’s exactly what Jake Owen did!

Wow! the power of Television!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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