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Major Brad Reynolds talks to the preschoolers in front of the A-10 fighter jet.On April 14, the St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School four-year-old preschoolers visited the National Guard 122nd Fighter Wing Air Base located near the Fort Wayne International Airport.

The preschoolers started their tour in the main hangar that houses the A-10 fighter jets. The preschoolers got an up-close view of the A-10 fighter jets. Fighter jet pilot Major Brad Reynolds spoke to the preschoolers about various features of the fighter jet, including a pilot ejector seat, where a pilot can eject from the aircraft with a parachute, in case of attack.

The preschoolers continued their tour with the fire station that is located on the 122nd Fighter Wing Air Base. They saw how a fire truck can shoot water directly into a fire. They also saw a demonstration of how quickly a firefighter can put on all the fire protective gear. The preschoolers got to try on the heavy firefighter jackets and hats.

The tour continued in the operations building where they saw where fighter pilots are trained, and saw a large parachute laid out that the fighter pilots use. The preschoolers also got to experience being in a dark room and looking through night vision goggles.

The four-year-old preschoolers are students of Mrs. Sharen Gall. Parents and preschool aides accompanied the preschoolers during their extensive tour of the 122nd Fighter Wing Air Base.

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