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Jim Springer (L) and Lynn Henschen (R) of the Waynedale Lions Club proudly display thier recently collected 608 pairs of eyeglasses.Do you have an old pair of eyeglasses lying around…broken, out-dated prescription or just not the style you like? Don’t throw them out! Instead donate them to your local Lions Club here in Waynedale and the surrounding area. The Club has several locations where you can simply drop them in a donation box and Lions Club volunteers will take it from there.

Your glasses are a blessing to those who cannot afford a pair. In some countries, a person would have to work 3 months to be able to afford a single pair of glasses.

Sunglasses are accepted too! These are given to people who live close to the equator – eye protection from sun damage.

After your glasses are donated, the Lions Club recycles them, using parts and pieces to makes nice pair for someone in need.

“As Lions we are “Knights of Blindness” and support Kid’s Sight, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Workers for the Blind, Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the League for the Blind,” said Waynedale’s Lions Club member, James Springer.

According to Mr. Springer there are several drop box locations in Waynedale including Waynedale United Methodist Church, Church Street; Frecker Optical, Old Trail Rd.; Springer Law Office, Old Trail Rd.; Public Service Credit Union, Old Trail Rd.; Waynedale News, Lower Huntington Rd.; Star Bank, Bluffton Rd.; Midwest America CU, Bluffton Rd.; 1st Source Bank, Bluffton Rd, IN International Collision, Engle Rd.; and a few in the outlying area, First Presbyterian Church, S. Jefferson, Ossian; Ossian Package Liquor, N. Jefferson.

Jim and other local volunteers personally deliver the eyeglasses, sunglasses and cases collected in the Waynedale area to El Salvador. Some members of the group are Fort Wayne opticians and ophthalmologists who bring their optical prescription fitting equipment as well as some surgical equipment. The local Lions Club in El Salvador helps to facilitate and arrangement of the assistance to the people in need.

Each patient has their eyes checked and is prescribed an optical solution for any existing eye problems. Then the patient is fitted with eyeglasses that best suit their prescription needs.

During their last trip, over 13,000 patients were examined and fitted with eyeglasses.

The Waynedale Lions Club is always looking for members, volunteers and donations. If you would like to help and/or participate in great projects like this one, please contact Jim Springer at 260-747-7224.

The Waynedale News Staff

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