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I want to invite you to take a visit to downtown to see the new Envision Fort Wayne Center at 916 S. Calhoun Street. The center is a storefront that provides citizens with ways to learn about and contribute to community projects such as Riverfront Fort Wayne and the Downtown Fort Wayne Plan 2020.

A grant from the Knight Foundation is covering the costs for the rent, utilities, furnishings and equipment at the facility. City Planning Department employees staff the center and discuss ideas with visitors Tuesdays 2-6 p.m., Thursdays 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and Fridays 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Additional hours will be added during downtown festivals and events.

Currently, the center is filled with displays about riverfront development. Educational information about development opportunities and constraints, river water quality, river history and successful riverfronts in other communities are all available for the public to see. Throughout the riverfront study process, the displays will change and citizens will have opportunities to express opinions about possible riverfront concepts.

You may stop in any time the Center is open or schedule a time for their group to visit by emailing RiverfrontFW@CityofFortWayne.org.

We’re on the cutting-edge for a community our size to have this outstanding center for public engagement. It will provide an unprecedented way for citizens to engage with government and the community.

I continue to be encouraged with the investment and progress we’re seeing in Fort Wayne. Thank you for doing your part to make our City great.

Tom Henry - Fort Wayne Mayor

A lifelong Fort Wayne resident, Mayor Thomas C. Henry is committed to public and community service. He was elected to his first term as Fort Wayne's Mayor November 6, 2007. Mayor Henry authors the "Message from the Mayor" column. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer