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Your Waynedale Neighborhood Plan ~ Councilman’s Corner

It is my delight to thank all of our neighbors in the Waynedale area who attended our Townhall on June 15. Mayor Sharon Tucker shared with us her vision to carry forward Mayor Tom Henry’s commitment to optimize the quality of life in Fort Wayne. The City staff and I then presented details on how this process will look for Waynedale in the months ahead. I now want to follow-up by describing how we aim to complete this path towards a better community.

The Purpose of the Waynedale Neighborhood Plan (WNP) is to respond to your input about what you want the community to look like in the future. My own passion to see this happen began while walking through each of your neighborhoods in 2023 and listening to you. Common concerns included: the quality of infrastructure such as sidewalks and streets; traffic speed and safe signage; drainage problems; and Neighborhood Code Compliance concerns (e.g. excessive trash and weeds). This feedback was congruent with results from the 2017 community survey which informed the planning of the Bluffton and Lower Huntington Road Corridor Plan. The survey offered suggestions such as: new restaurants and entertainment venues; updated storefronts & decorative elements; and removal of unsightly telephone poles/lines and old signs. The possibility of a community center has also been discussed among the business chamber and Volunteers 4 Waynedale. So, we are off to a good start with this input. Unfortunately, big changes never happen fast. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. So how do we move forward and how can I advocate for what the community wants?

We are very fortunate that Fort Wayne now has some of the best neighborhood planning professionals in America. Dan Baisden, Neighrborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup Administrator, is coordinating with Mayor Tucker, City Council, including myself, and all of the City departments to develop a comprehensive WNP which will include the history of the community and a blueprint for a better community in years to come which will be based on your feedback now. You may wish to google the “Packard 2030 Plan” as an example of what this looks like.

The next steps towards completing this WNP will now focus on smaller meetings in each neighborhood. Beginning in September, we will have regular meetings in each neighborhood at locations of your choice such as your home, a community meeting room, church, or café. If you are interested in being a neighborhood contact in this process, please reach out to Dan Baisden via the website www.waynedaleplan.com. I welcome you to also connect with me on Facebook/Instagram @ScottMyersMD, and/or call me at the City Council office: ask for Zoe at 260-427-2977.

Finally, in the coming months I will write occasional “Councilman’s Corner” articles. The Waynedale News will also publish community details in coordination with Dan Baisden’s neighborhood team and our City Council office with the support of Megan Flohr who is our extraordinarily talented chief of staff. All of these methods of communication are predicated on YOUR input about what you want your WNP to look like. So, we look forward to hearing more from you as we continue this path and hold close everything that makes Waynedale a great place to live, while evaluating where additional opportunities can be provided.

Editor’s Note: Our staff is still working with the City Departments who presented at the Town Hall to develop a detailed outline of the many projects and initiatives discussed at the event. We anticipate more information to be included in future editions of The Waynedale Newspaper and posted to its news website / social media as it becomes available.

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