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As an assistant baseball coach at Wayne High School I as well as the other coaches on staff are very excited about this upcoming season. Last season was up and down for both levels of Wayne Baseball. All in all the year was an improvement on the past. As a coach, all you can ask from high school ball players is to try to improve from year to year.

Head coach Eric Sherrill had this to say about the senior class, “It will be nice to see what the senior class will be able to accomplish this year. I like to compare this class to the class we had my final year at Elmhurst High School when I was an assistant coach under Zac Pace with the likes of Christian Gayday, Mike Whitlow, Adam Sullivan and Matt Leipard. The 2014 class was the first class to be integrated with a school closure, teacher and administration changes, and a new school opening within another school. The talent with this crew has always been there, however the drive and the know how to win at a high level was kind of an unknown.”

If I could look in to the future, I would have to believe this program will be very strong this year and beyond. The hard work these players have put in from the seniors all the way down to the freshman has been great to see. Last year the team took strides and after losing two key seniors, the program as a whole is looking at taking another stride.

The returning players that are looking to make their mark are, Seniors: Tristan Byall, Jacob Charles, Ron Goodwin, Nick Huyck, Kaine Jackson, Matt McCullough and Zach Ryan. Juniors: Joey Brown, Eddie Elder, Austin Fletcher, Eli Mason, Donovan Medrano, Braxton Riley and Bradley Warren. Sophomores: Quentin Davis, Jacob Fisher, James Lewis, Bryson McKee, Jose Reina and Andre Stribling. Some newcomers will also help out this year including Juniors Brian Howell, Deyonne Hunter, Sophomore TayTay Moore and Freshman Jacob Moreno.

In an update…
Wrestler Shaun Johnson lost in the first round of the State tournament. Also, Wrestler Kanez Omar finished in sixth place with his only two losses on the year coming to the fourth and fifth place finishers.

Congratulations guys from all of Wayne and New Tech!
The boy’s varsity basketball team lost their opening game in Sectionals to Homestead 68-56 after Homestead ended the game on a 30-8 run. Keep your heads up you had a good season.

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