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Do cuckoo clocks drive you cuckoo or nuts?

Occasionally, I read about people who take a year or so off to find themselves. Hmmm, I wonder where they lost themselves. I never lost myself. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty good at finding myself…even when I’m not lost.

Blue Laws
Indiana is the only state where you can’t buy carryout beer, wine, or booze on Sunday. These laws, (blue laws), were started by the Puritans in the 1600s, who wanted to make sure everyone attended church on Sunday. The term “Blue” was a disparaging remark concerning their strict moral codes. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like there are any moral codes and the only time Hoosiers are really blue, is when they can’t get their booze on Sunday.

Number’s Up
In Roman times, July had thirty-one days and was named after Julius Caesar. When Augustus succeeded him, August was named in his honor, but it had just thirty days. In addition, at that time, February had twenty-nine. Now, since Augustus didn’t want Julius to one-up him, he took a day from February and added it to August which now also gave it thirty-one days. As for Julius, he didn’t have to worry anymore about the number of days, because his number was already up.

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