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Don’t worry about the dead ones in the cemetery…it’s the live ones that will bury you.

The Scariest
Who’s the scariest of them all,
The goblins or the ghosts?
The monsters or the booger man,
Which one scares us the most?

No one’s afraid of the friendly ghost,
He’s holier than thou.
He never scared a single soul,
And doesn’t want to now.

What about the booger man?
His reputation grows,
He scares us not but makes us laugh,
With his finger in his nose.

Monsters been in lots of movies,
We see them every day.
So they don’t scare us any more,
I wish they’d go away.

I’ve never seen a single goblin,
I hope they let me be,
They’ve got to be the scariest,
They scare the hell out of me.
~Jim Schindler

A Fact of Marital Strife
When the love bug flies out the window and push comes to shove, what’s hers is hers and what’s yours is hers.

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Jim Schindler

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