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We have all been bombarded by the insect known as the Stink Bug. But did you know that the Stink Bug has only been here in the USA since 1998? It was accidentally shipped into the United States from Asia and first showed up in Pennsylvania. This bug can hurt all kinds of vegetation such as farmers’ field crops, as well as your own vegetable and flower gardens. It is also attracted to weeds so it is important to keep weeds down to a minimum. These creatures are also attracted to light, moisture, fly tape and an inviting, warm house. It is important to fix all holes-in-the-walls, as well as door jams and window sills.

I mentioned the fly tape and moisture to point out that these are just two of the many methods of capturing these bugs. Simply dampen a cloth and lay it down and the critters will conjugate on the towel. Then fold it, and get rid of them outside, or however you wish. Fly tape can be hung anywhere in order to capture them but consider an area away from where you are so as to draw them away. Other methods include vacuum cleaner, diatomaceous earth around your plants and landscape and rubbing dryer sheets on your screen-doors and windows.

Homemade sprays can be made from garlic power, peppermint or soapy water. Mixtures are: 2 cups water to 4 tsp. garlic powder…2 cups water to 10 drops of mint or 32 oz water to 3/4 cup soap (lemon scented preferred). Spray plants, yard, perimeter of your home, screens, door jams, or anywhere else you may see the little “buggers”. FYI, stink bugs do bite, do stink (horribly), do harm your plants (by sucking) and can have a bad effect on your allergies. Do not get their stink juice in your eyes as that is also bad.

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