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St. E School Logo ChangeOn October 11 at the end of the All School Mass, Father Jim Shafer announced the new mascot and new school colors for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, which will open its doors in mid-August 2014.

The new mascot and name of the school’s athletes and students will be “The Pioneers.” This is a reflection of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, who was a true pioneer in the early 1800s when she moved to Emmitsburg, Maryland to start the first Catholic school and where she also founded her religious order, the Daughters of Charity.

The new school colors will be red and gold. Father Jim Shafer and Principal Lois Widner spoke briefly about researching and reflecting on St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s life, which led to the choice of the new school’s mascot and colors. Assistant Principal Greg Slee and Miss Widner came out wearing sweatshirts that sported the new school’s mascot and colors, and were greeted with applause.

Father Tim Wrozek, pastor of the future St. Joseph Catholic School, which will also open its doors in August of 2014, was also present at the All School Mass and spoke briefly. St. Joseph School on Brooklyn and Hale will offer a Catholic education to students in central Fort Wayne.

The Waynedale News Staff

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