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Pumpkin Party CarvingEvery year, just outside Ossian, a local family has a party to celebrate the fall festivities. Randy and Diana Buuck started a tradition at their family home in Zanesville. They started with just family. It was a fun activity for Randy and Diana’s grandkids. Now 8 years later, moved to Ossian, it has grown and become a much-anticipated event.

This year close to 50 people showed up! They: carved pumpkins, had crafts for the small kids, shared food and it ends with a bonfire! It has grown to not only family but, family friends from the New Hope Lutheran Church in Ossian. The youth group of the church actually moved their own party to come to the Pumpkin Party!

Diana has turned pumpkin carving into a competition. Everyone provides their own pumpkins. The competitors can either use a stencil or free-hand it. If you free-hand it, you may use anything natural that you find around the house and yard. At the end the pumpkins are judged by a few people who didn’t carve pumpkins. The winner for most creative and best carved gets an award.

The winner for the free-hand was Katie Brandewie, which was a zebra. The winner for the best carved using a stencil was Ally Isnogle, which was an owl. They both received a Yankee Candle and candy in a Halloween basket.
We can’t wait for next year!


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Liza and Kylie Topp

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