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Ralph-HineRalph Hine was born on Aug. 30, 1908, and is now 105 years old. He has been married for 65 years and retired from Waynedale Lumber Co. in 1965.

Hine joined the Army Air Corps at 34 years of age because he believed serving was his duty. On June 5, he landed in France ahead of the Normandy landing and fought German tanks. While fighting in Holland he saw his most severe fighting of the war and was awarded two purple hearts for wounds he suffered on Sept. 17 and Oct. 8, 1944. He was also awarded the Bronze Star for valor in battle. Altogether he fought through seven countries during his service in WWII.

Hine was born in Whitley County and was raised on a farm north of Roanoke. He is a lifetime member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Roanoke. He was married to Ruth Kaough Hine in 1948 and they have been married for 65 years and live in Concord Village at Lutheran Home. He always loved taking care of his yard and going to auctions.

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