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Waynedale Picnic 2013Our Waynedale “Picnic in the Park” on Saturday, August 13, 2013 was a great day for our community with the gathering of over 1400 people in the Waynedale Park. The event was free to the families and friends of the Waynedale area. This unique free picnic is one of a kind by giving everyone a fun-filled day in our local park.

This year the sponsors totaled over 180 and were listed on our sponsor’s board in no specific order. Some of our top contributors will be receiving notification of their generosity this year. Also we had 22 vendors, from businesses to the boy scouts, that attended with information and exhibits.

It was great to see some new faces in attendance this year.

The picnic started at 10am with children’s games & prizes, children’s crafts, face painting/tattoos, drawings, fun balloons made for the kids, and bingo for the adults. Many of the age appropriate prizes were donated or purchased by sponsors. Peg Perego donated a grand prize that was won by Makayla Salas.

Great weather this year brought so many families here to enjoy the games and entertainment like the Titanic and Moon Walk. The train ride and live animals were another attraction. All of us enjoyed the music and entertainment until about 3 pm.

The Waynedale picnic was supported by local City Police, Fire Department, and Allen County Sheriffs Department along with the Mason’s, and several of the churches. The Fraternal Order of Police again gave out hundreds of bicycle helmets for the children. The National Guard brought in a Hummer for the kids & adults to examine. Race cars were on display as well.

Every year we thank those that sponsor our picnic but we need to thank all the volunteers that graciously support our picnic too. We are fortunate to get help from the RSVP organization and Wayne Township but I must thank the older volunteers that come every year.

The children’s games, food tent, bingo, craft tent and sign-up tent total over 80 volunteers needed for this year.

Please call for next year as you read this now and sign up to help for a day. Call: Beulah Matczak at 747-6305 and/or Cheryl Connett (747-5272).

This one-day can make a big difference in many ways for our community. All the support is for Waynedale and to make our community a better place to live.

Again we thank everyone that participated in or sponsored our great picnic this year. The cost is staggering and your support is what keeps us going each year.

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