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The 122nd Fighter Wing sent 181 unit members and 12 A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft to participate in a ten day exercise, Red Flag Alaska 13-3, at the 354th Fighter Wing assigned to the Pacific Air Forces Eleventh Air Force, Eielson Air National Guard Base, Alaska. The 354 FW’s primary mission is to support Red Flag – Alaska, a series of Pacific Air Forces commander–directed field training exercises for U.S. Forces, provides joint offensive counter-air, interdiction, close-air support, and large force employment training in a simulated combat environment.

“Taking part in exercises such as Red Flag Alaska is essential to the preparedness of our airmen,” said 122 FW Commander Col. David Augustine. “This is a great opportunity to train with allied nations and experience working with live munitions.”

In preparation for the 122 FW’s first A-10 deployment as a unit, aircrew and support teams will conduct dynamic Close Air Support working with a diverse group of qualified ground controllers, pilots and airframes. They will also be operating communication efforts in a GPS contested environment.

The nations involved in Red Flag 13-3 are, the United States, the Republic of Japan and Korea. U.S. military personnel from Alaska, California, Washington, Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, as well as Japanese F-15 Eagle’s, Korean T-50 Golden Eagle’s and Army artillery will provide ample opportunity for engagement. Flying training missions, dropping munitions as well as working the gun and communicating with foreign nations, will be a daily task for our Blacksnakes.

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