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PoormansDo you know what some of us did
In this little town where we live?

We’re small-town girls and all that applies.
A group of friends that lived here all of our lives.
Most of us met about the second grade of school,
And went on through Elmhurst High
(now that was cool)

Sometimes we met on the school steps for lunch.
We’d laugh and talk as we sat together in a bunch.
We wore all the fashions, and went with the trends.
We dated and partied and sooner or later all had boyfriends.

We married and some soon became Mothers,
Some of us just had children quicker than others.

But, not long after we had graduated,
We got together and a friendship club was created.
We shared our lives with a once a month meeting.
We would talk about our lives and husbands,
We discussed our children and all our loved ones.
We’ve stuck together through marriages, illnesses and divorce.

Because that’s what Best Friend’s do of course.
We’ve gone from raising our children to tending our Mothers,
Deaths in our families and even new lovers.

Now it’s some 54 years later-
Our friendship couldn’t be greater.
We’ll go on being friends as long as we can,
With prayers for each other right to the end.

Janet Myers Poorman

The Waynedale News Staff

Janet Myers Poorman

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