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Scoutmaster Matt Johnson announced recently that Troop #344 decided to re-design and up-date their troop neckerchief and logo.

The old neckerchief was plain blue with very little decoration.

The new neckerchief is a forest green in color to represent our forests and the place where a Scout lives.
The piping around the neckerchief is red to remind us that thousands of former scouts have gone before and many have given their lives for their country and fellow scouts.

When the neckerchief is rolled and worn properly the piping takes on a ladder effect in front to remind the boys that they are climbing toward the highest rank in scouting, that of Eagle. It is also a reminder that only two percent of all boys that join scouting ever make that rank and it is up to each individual to help their fellow scouts to raise that percentage.

The new logo is that of our nations symbol the Bald Eagle. It will remind everyone that we are as free as the eagle and we will remain that way.

The new neckerchiefs will be distributed at the troop’s next Court of Honor when ranks of advancement and merit badges are awarded to the boys.

Anyone wanting information on joining the troop is encouraged to call the church office-Calvary United Methodist Church for meeting times.

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