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If you have been putting off parting ways with your older energy-wasting refrigerator or freezer, now is the time to take advantage of Indiana Michigan Power’s (I&M) Appliance Recycling Program. I&M Indiana service territory has increased their incentive to $40 for customers who recycle their outdated and inefficient refrigerators and freezers.

In addition to the $40 incentive, participation in the program can save as much as $150 a year through lower household energy usage. Because old refrigerators and freezers rely on technology that’s outdated, they use as much as three times more electricity than newer models built to much higher energy efficiency standards. When you combine the incentive and the energy savings, the benefits really add up!

“Now is a great time to clean out that old fridge, clear out space in your garage or basement, and put $40 in your pocket,” said I&M, Manager of Energy Efficiency and Consumer Programs, Kim Reeder. ”If you don’t need that extra cold storage, this program is an ideal way to instantly boost your home’s energy efficiency.”

I&M makes it simple for customers to recycle with convenient pick-up of appliances at no additional cost. To take advantage of the offer, customers can call 877-395-5535 or visit indianamichiganpower.com/save, and arrange to have refrigerators or freezers picked up for recycling. The appliances must be empty, in working order, and measure 10 to 30 cubic feet using inside measurements. Customers will receive a rebate check for $40 within four to six weeks after appliance collection.

After being collected, the units are transported to de-manufacturing facilities operated by national appliance recycler JACO Environmental. The company has perfected a method that converts all but about 5 percent of a refrigerator or freezer into recyclable metal, glass and plastic. As a result, old refrigerators are transformed into everything from mobile phones to construction rebar and concrete mix.

“When a customer decides to do without a secondary refrigerator or freezer and participate in I&M’s program, they set in motion a process that benefits them, preserves precious natural resources and helps protect the environment,” said Michael Dunham, JACO’s Director of Energy and Environmental Programs.

The Waynedale News Staff

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